TERREUM – CL Surveys’ Property & Casualty, Civil & Contractual Liability and Legal Protection departments – is a logical extension of the company’s value chain: production – processing – distribution.

Terreum is made up of a number of specialized departments, each corresponding to a specific business approach, in particular the living world (agriculture, agri-food and environment), chemicals, mechanical engineering, consumer goods, automotive, rail and air transport, art and services (including institutional services, for which some of our experts have prior or parallel experience). Terreum also has a financial and business loss analysis department.


Terreum, a service company dedicated to expertise

Our appraisal process is based on a technical, contractual and regulatory approach geared towards liability analysis.

As a prerequisite to our approach to litigation, we examine the factual and technical reality of each case alongside the contractual prism. We prefer this approach to all other speculative practices, which can be a source of relational and financial drift. Immersion in the business is the essential preamble.

This approach to expertise leads us to cultivate the indispensable dimension of dialogue and discussion-conviction; reflection, enriched by consultation, is one of the constant components of our approach. In order to achieve our objectives, we draw up an action plan that serves as a roadmap.

As a preventive measure, and in order to inform you of potential risks and issues, we are always ready to make proposals.

Because proximity rhymes with quality of service, Terreum offers you a national and international network of some fifty expert engineers spread over some thirty geographical locations, with a strong international dimension (our own locations in Asia, the USA, Africa, Russia and many European countries).


Our strength: expertise and knowledge, the benefits of experience

Terreum’s heart beats to the rhythm of a multidisciplinary team offering a range of specialist skills in fields as specific as they are complementary.

Expertise, whether in the amicable or judicial phase, involving a company’s civil liability or the damage to which it is exposed, requires a wide range of experience and adapted methods of action.

Professional experience, technical and scientific knowledge, legal and regulatory awareness, and mastery of financial tools give our experts the ability to apprehend all the parameters and stakes involved in each claim with objectivity and serenity.

Because a good horse is not enough to win a race, our experts are assisted by a team of men and women with recognized qualities, who perform the cross-functional functions essential to the optimal accomplishment of their mission.



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