Food business

The company's original specialty, it still represents more than half of the activity with agri-engineers and academics.


The company's second historical speciality, fruits are a particular speciality which represents more than a quarter of the group's activity.

Soft commodities

The firm has a wealth of experience in major soft commodities cases and has a team of senior experts competent to deal with major damage and able to go abroad at short notice.

Hard commodities

Composed of engineers and academics, this department also includes a former merchant navy officer who sailed on tankers. We work in particular on issues of pollution, weight loss, etc...

Refrigerated transport

The department is composed of engineers and academics specialised and trained in matters and challenges regarding the maintaining the cold chain.



This is one of the firm's areas of expertise, whether it be land, air or maritime, both in terms of inspection and survey, with reference cases handled internationally. Specialisation in the determination of financial valuations according to genetic variability.

Life science and public health

Founded in 2006, TERREUM is a sister company of CL SURVEYS specialized in environmental, agricultural, public health and also agro-industrial matters, in P&C, liability and legal protection.

Consumer goods

Department specialized in the management of claims involving consumer goods and the implementation of rapid recovery solutions.


Organic and synthetic chemistry. Our department is composed of expert chemists.

Industrial packaging

Department composed of engineers with a solid experience in industrial packaging and knowledge of SEI standards or other equivalent bodies, and who are familiar with EUMOS standards.


Department composed of Arts et Métiers engineers who manage major machine breakdown cases and master good practices in terms of stowing and lifting.

Supply chain

Composed of engineers, this department deals with all issues relating to the fields of freight transport and logistics.

Maritime and fluvial - nautical - body and machinery

The department is composed of former seafarers - merchant navy officers and former classification society off

Automotives / vehicles

Specialty acquired since 2010 with interventions in the context of logistics incidents for large accounts and carriers. The department is centralized by a European and Ministry of Transport approved auto expert.


Department created in 2014. The experts operating in this area have been trained on equipment and infrastructure. They have participated in major derailment cases in particular.


The department is made up of engineers used to dealing with logistics issues but also with the security of goods in the field of air freight.

Finance and operating loss

Founded in 2019, our Finance department handles business interruption valuation cases in many areas of agriculture, industry, commerce and services.

Information Technology

Department composed of engineers and specialized in the management of computer and electronic goods.

Theft and misappropriation

Interventions in the field of the expertise of the surrounding conditions related to this type of events by combining it with a speciality verification of the assets and declared values. The files are necessarily treated by specialists / professionals of materials / goods.

Arts and house moving

This department specialized in early 2015 by developing a dual skill set of claims management and arts and culture training. The department has a portfolio of sapiters by specialties (manuscripts, porcelain...).