CL SURVEYS is an international company specialized in surveys, audit and risk prevention in the fields of production, industry, logistics and distribution. It was established in 1993. Our know-how is the result of the know-how of a multi specialist team of specialized engineers, logisticians and merchant navy officers, as well as on experience built up over 60,000 surveys managed over the last 30 years.



Although our development was initially mainly sectorized in the field of commodities, we quickly extended itto other sectors of risk management, both “a priori” (audit, advice and control) and “a posteriori” (surveys, crisis management), in a wide range of specialties: Damage, Civil and Contractual Liability, Business Interruption and loss valuation as well as Legal Protection.

We are managing offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. Our team is composed of multi specialist of engineers and specialized MSc logistics profils/Mariners.



The surveyor profession is multi-dimensional by nature. In essence, it relies prominently on engineering sciences and dedicated technical approaches, to which various specialties are added in order to appreciate the problems in their entirety: logistics, market issues, Regulation and normative legal issues and financial expertise. This is why our approach is multi-specialist (to be opposed to a generalist approach) in order to provide an clear added value while dealing the crisis/ problematics encountered by our clients.



The following ethical principles are lead our activity commitments:

a) Obligation of means : CL management is committed to provide the necessary human, technical and material resources. It regularly checks that the means and methods in place are corresponding to this goal.

b) Personal commitment : Each member of staff undertakes to carry out his mission within the company in accordance with the integrity values and principles defined.

c) Independence: The company carries out its work in complete independence, with no constraints or links to any third-party shareholder.

d) Impartiality: Our experts and auditors adopt an impartial attitude and avoid any conflict of interest. They do not interfere in the management of the company represented or audited, and ensure that their conclusions are impartial.

e) Confidentiality: Our experts and auditors guarantee the utmost discretion with regard to the information gathered in the course of their work.