CL SURVEYS provides services to the insurance industry as well to the industrial, logistics and distribution sectors. The notion of independence is essential to our corporate philosophy. Its main purpose is to ensure the professional credibility of our work together with reliability and integrity. The services we offer are based on the two dimensions of risk management:

  • “a priori” issues : audit, risk analysis, inspection and control, including missions in the TIC area (Testing, Inspection and Control).
  • “a posteriori” issues: crisis management and surveys, including investigation and implementation of protective/mitigation measures and all operations necessary to the survey mission having recoveries pattern view to recourse (or opposability).

Company IRIS K intervenes as recovery agent, usually under a “no cure, no fee” system.



Our interventions and deliverables are based on the objective of reactivity in a dematerialized environment. In this respect, our IT department can adapt the implementation of specific extranet systems beyond the services offered in general.

We are available 24/7 all year round and provide a systematic immediate response as most of these activities are event-driven. Unique point of contact is available by phone + or by email to info@cl-surveys.com.