OUR DEPARTEMENTS FOOD AND PERI- SHABLES Core specialty of the firm at its onset, it still represents more than half of our activity. Agronomy engineers and MSc with superior academic education operate the department. LIVESTOCK It is a core activity of the firm with notable international cases. We provide survey and inspections services for ground, sea or air cases. Specialty in assessing financial valuation according to genetic variability. livestocks@cl-surveys REFRIGERATED TRANSPORT The department is composed of engineers and MSc specialised and trained in matters and challenges regarding the maintaining the cold chain. FRUITS The company’s second historical speciality, fruits are a particular speciality which represents more than a quarter of the company activity. LIFE SCIENCE AND PUBLIC HEALTH Founded in 2006, TERREUM is a sister company of CL SURVEYS specialized in environmental, agricultural, public health and also agro-industrial matters, in P&C, liability and legal protection. HARD COMMODITIES This department comprises chemist engineers and specialised mariners, as well as a former merchant navy officer with experience navigating on tankers. We handle matters related to pollution, weight loss etc… SOFT COMMODITIES The firm has dealt with major cases of soft commodities, and has a senior specialists cell at its disposal in the event of major damages, ready to leave in a heartbeat to worldwide destinations. CONSUMER GOODS Department specialized in the management of claims involving consumer goods and the implementation of rapid recovery solutions..